My News Debut

I’ve been serving as the inaugural Public Relations Manager for District 115 this Toastmasters year. This has been a thrilling experience where I aimed and succeeded in putting our new district on the global stage.

In December, I had the pleasure of meeting 13 Action News’ Jackie Kostek who has great energy and an endearing spirit. This was my first news interview but she was expert at making me feel calm and welcomed. A three-minute segment goes by in a blink but there was enough time to include plenty of information about our organization, district, and the upcoming events. I gave Jackie a copy of my book, Woke Up Dead, as a thank you for her time and the exposure.

In case you missed it, here’s the interview that helped introduce District 115 to the Las Vegas community. We are passionate about helping our business leaders and residents be the best possible communicators and leaders they can be. For more information or to find a club to visit, go to: #toastmastersinternational #whereleadersaremade