How It All Began … for me …

I first walked into a Toastmasters meeting almost exactly ten years ago. I routinely gave speeches to the community on behalf of nonprofit organizations and just wanted to get better at it. A quick online search and there I was, a shiny new visitor.

I was inspired in that meeting. The warmth and fellowship were inviting and I made the decision to join that day. The next week the club was holding elections. I was nominated to be VPM. I had no idea what that meant but was promised I’d have support. I went by the words that have essentially become one of my mantras – if you believe I can do it .. then I’ll do it.

I stayed in the VPM role for about a year and a half and then life took me through twists and turns that took me away from Toastmasters for a while. After becoming a caregiver and ultimately losing my mother, my life slowed down. In that stillness I realized I missed Toastmasters. I moved to Las Vegas in 2016 and re-joined Toastmasters not long after that. My journey hit the fast track and in less than four years I’ve served as Pathways Guide, Area Director, the first woman Logistics Manager of District 33, and the inaugural Public Relations Manager of District 115.

Last year I was honored with the District 33 Toastmaster of the Year award. This year I earned the District 115 Sparkplug of the Year award. It’s been an amazing ride filled with ups, downs, and many lessons learned. I have thoroughly enjoyed my leadership roles. Honing leadership skills is not what most think about when they first walk through a club’s doors .. but the leadership track is absolutely worth exploring.

I wish I’d begun this blog ages ago but … we’re here now. Throughout this blog I will tell of my experiences on both the communication and leadership sides, the transition to Pathways, and words that I hope will inspire you, dear reader. I thank you for dropping by, and hope you will do so often.